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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    2005 (SCI)Teng Heng-Fa
    20042004,68,3,pp229-237 (SCI)TSAO TENG FA
    20042004,19,2,pp147-153 (EI)Lin Hung-Pin
    20042004,19,1,pp103-111 (EI)Lin Hung-Pin
    20042004, (其他)Lin Hung-Pin
    20042004,26,pp525-527Li-Chung Sun
    2004Tsai, Louis L. and L.C. Sun,2004,Suppression of vitrinite reflectance: implications from a case study,Western Pacific Earth Sciences,4,2,pp57-62Li-Chung Sun
    2004Louis L. Tasi, Li-Chung Sun, Jane Hsieh, Hsien-Tsung Lee,2004,The assessment of hydrocarbon potential from organic material and thermal maturity in the petroleum system,Journal of mining research ,26,pp525-527Lee Hsien Tsung
    2004Teng Heng-Fa
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