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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20142014,29,1,pp82-89 (SCI)Chang Ying Pin
    20142014,29,1,pp79-92 (EI)Chang Ying Pin
    20142014,29,2,pp161-171 (EI)Chang Ying Pin
    20142014,28,3,pp189-203 (EI)Chang Ying Pin
    2014Hsien-Tsung Lee,2014,Constructing Relationships between the Assessed Parameters of Petroleum Potential with Grey Model and Statistical Analysis (corresponding author; Required Reviews Completed),Environmental Earth Sciences, (SCI)Lee Hsien Tsung
    2014Hsien-Tsung Lee*, Li-Chung Sun,2014,Study on the relevant parameters for the single maceral compositions in thermal maturation (corresponding author; Required Reviews Completed),Environmental Earth Sciences, (SCI)Lee Hsien Tsung
    2014Li-Chung Sun, Hsien-Tsung Lee*,2014,Evaluation of changes in macerals and geochemical properties during hydrocarbon generation based on pyrolysis of lignite from mainland China (corresponding author; Minor Revision),Carbonates and Evaporites, (SCI)Lee Hsien Tsung
    2014 (SCI)Shih-Huan Lin
    2014Hsien-Tsung Lee, Li-Chung Sun,Correlation among vitrinite reflectance Ro%, pyrolysis parameters, and atomic H/C ratio: Implications for evaluating petroleum potential of coal and carbonaceous materials,Journal of Energy and Natural Resources,3,6,pp85-100Li-Chung Sun
    2013Feng-Jiao Liu, Hong-Hsi Ko, Tsung-Chi Lin, Shyi-Shiun Kuo, Shye-Chorng Kuo, Ying-Hsin Liang and Tian-Pau Chang,2013,A Feasibility Evaluation of a Combined Solar and Wind Energy System in Taiwan,International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering,11,1,pp115-124 (其他)Liu Feng Jiao
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