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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    2015Hsien-Tsung Lee,2015,A comparison between statistical analysis and grey model analysis on assessed parameters of petroleum potential from organic materials,Journal of Energy and Natural Resources,4,1,pp5-26 (SCI)Lee Hsien Tsung
    20152007,VOL.43,NO.2,pp802-804 (SCI)Cheng Shih Ping
    20152006,304,1,pp430-432Cheng Shih Ping
    20152005,41,2,pp971-973 (SCI)Cheng Shih Ping
    20152004,2,1,pp33-38 (SCI)Cheng Shih Ping
    20152004,282,1,pp360-363 (SCI)Cheng Shih Ping
    2014Hsien-Tsung Lee*, Li-Chung Sun,2014,Correlation among Vitrinite Reflectance Ro%, Pyrolysis Parameters, and Atomic H/C ratio: implications for evaluating petroleum potential of coal and carbonaceous materials,Journal of Energy and Natural Resources,3,6,pp85-100Lee Hsien Tsung
    2014Tsai, Louis Loung-Yie; Sun, Li Chung ,2014,Coal mine of Taiwan,Ti-Chih,33,4,pp14-17Li-Chung Sun
    2014Tian-Pau Chang, Feng-Jiao Liu, Hong-Hsi Ko, Shih-Ping Cheng, Li-Chung Sun, Shye-Chorng Kuo,2014, Comparative analysis on power curve models of wind turbine generator in estimating capacity factor,Energy,73,pp88-95 (SCI),(其他)Li-Chung Sun
    2014Tian-Pau Chang, Shih-Ping Cheng, Feng-Jiao Liu, Li-Chung Sun, Ying-Pin Chang,2014,Site Matching Study of Pitch-Controlled Wind Turbine Generator,Energy Conversion and Management,86,10,pp664-669 (SCI),(EI)Liu Feng Jiao
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