IEET Certification


IEET Certification

Educational goals Nan Kai University of Technology

Nan Kai University of Technology sets up four benchmarks to pursue excellence: Realization, Innovation, Comprehensiveness, and Harmonization (RICH).

  1. "Realization" represents vocational and technical ability which can be acquired and elevated via practical education and training.
  2.  "Innovation" refers to the persisting process of pursuing and updating knowledge and skills in order to make breakthrough of the status quo in the era of knowledge economy.
  3. " Comprehensiveness" conveys the idea of sufficient command of language and appropriate communication skills to join international competition in today's global village.
  4. " Harmonization" expresses the expectation to develop the ability of applying information technology and practice the traditional virtues, such as health promotion, passion, altruism, moral, and arts.

Motor Information Institute educational goals

The university-based institute "pragmatic, innovative, macro, LIBERAL" educational philosophy, the set of four educational goals: Enhancement of Electrical practical skills:

By training experiment, practice and special courses, the students make real and analysis capabilities, enabling the use of mathematics, science and engineering methods to solve the problem of electrical engineering information.

1. Research innovation and continuous learning:

By planning the content of the various courses, inspire students' creative potential and foster continuous learning, so that students can continue to self-growth, and to use creative ideas to practical electrical engineering-related information.

2. Training foreign language skills and international perspective:

With language skills training and information related to the motor home and abroad to learn new knowledge, to establish its broad international perspective in the professional field.
3. Training humanities and social care:

With the general education curriculum and the training school of information literacy, promote teamwork and engineering ethics, humanities and social care training.

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