Department of Electrical and Information Technology

Featured introduction

      Taiwan's motor information industry related technology continues to improve, has been out of the past, the status of heavy foundry, the industry must be high value-added and manufacturing services in the direction of development, and master the needs of high-end application market in order to lay the leading position and Economic benefits. The Department of "power technology" and "signal control" two major research areas as the core, the development of both practical and front of the energy and control technology to train directly into the motor industry, science and technology talent for teaching objectives. At the same time in line with the school's well-being of science and technology of medical electronic control technology, and thus thicken the competitiveness of students in the workplace.

Future outlook

The field of study:

   In addition to continuing to study graduate course in our college, we can also join in the high-tech industries such as motor, communications, electronics, computers, VISI design, semiconductor and other industrial engineers, electrical and information graduates graduate most easily , Pay is also much higher than other categories of staff.

employment pipeline:

   Can be served as power module design engineers, power R & D engineers, power management IC application engineers, electrical engineers, electrical assembly engineers, electronic control design engineers, etc., can also apply for domestic public institutions, such as Taiwan Electric Power Company, can also be invested in engineering consultants Mechanical and electrical departments related to the professional departments.

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