Department of Electrical and Information Technology-Innovation in Green Leisure Group

Featured Introduction

     In recent years, the global warming caused by climate change issues, to promote the global commitment to the development of energy-saving carbon reduction characteristics of green energy technology, including the development of clean energy and improves energy efficiency and other technical applications. The group set the green energy, energy-saving technology, energy-saving technology for the Department of the development of key features, and the implementation of technology research and development, production and cooperation and curriculum planning, hope that the investment by the equipment update, driven by teachers to do more in-depth and effective of the technology research and development, and training students with green energy technology, energy-saving control and tap water piping and electrical wiring application related technology.  

Future outlook

The field of study:

   In addition to continuing to study graduate course in our college, we can also join in the high-tech industries such as motor, communications, electronics, computers, VISI design, semiconductor and other industrial engineers, electrical and information graduates graduate most easily , Pay is also much higher than other categories of staff.

employment prospect:

   Green product or Environmental Friendship, the development of intelligent living space is designed to reduce the impact of environmental impact, to avoid the potential harm to the environment and increase social costs, which is the focus of national development and Industry future development trend. The future of graduating students is quite wide, including: lighting industry, information industry, and electric vehicle key components industry, bicycle industry, product development and design industry, environmental industry, medical equipment industry, traditional small and medium enterprises.

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